Why is my Navmesh not working on stairs?


I just created a Project based on the TopDown Sample.

I added a simple stair mesh to the level, but the navmesh doesnt want to go up that stair.

I allready tried playing arround with all the numbers, but for the love of god, there seems to be a hight where the navmesh just gets cut off.


Hi Brainshack,

I can’t see it in your pic, how tall is your Navmesh bounding box?

Look in your Scene Outliner for NavMeshBoundsVolume, click it and it should highlight.

It needs to have your entire level (or what you want to have a NavMesh on) contained within it. Just scale it up if it’s to small.

You’re welcome, glad it worked.

Hmm where do I find that? :smiley:

Yeah I found it. Increased the height. It was only at 200. Thank you for your quick reply!