Why is my navmesh getting offset?

So I noticed that my navmesh was wrong when I debuged my NPC movement. So as I got back to the editor I checked my navmesh and noticed that it was completely wrong.
I generated a new one by removing one of my two navmesh volumes as I though the second one might interfer somehow. I also went into the Build menu and built new paths.
And yes, the newly built navmesh looked correct and fine.
So to look at it a bit more in detail I started checking the differnt options in my RecastNavMesh obejct, just to see if I could find anything that might cause my NPC to missbehave.

that’s when I noticed that my freshly built navmesh, that looked fine a few minutes ago was offset by several meters. And I haven’t done any changes to the level at all. Just checked and euncehcked boxes in RecastNavMesh.

What might be causing this? Because I think this is one of the issues I have with my NPCs not avoiding obstacles.

Edit And why must I include a version tag in my question if the ■■■■ version tag doesn’t work?!

I think ,you can delete RecastNavMesh at Outliner .And then move NavMesh , it will create a new RecastNavMesh, it may fix that.