Why is my moving platform jittering when I increase the framerate?

Hi there, I seem to have encountered a strange situation when running a networking test in UE4.

I have set up a quick demo which shows a platform rotating and a character sitting on top of it. The character on the platform is the client.

At less than 35 FPS, the platform rotates smoothly, as expected:

However, once the frame rate exceeds this number, the jitter appears:
The platform is rotating via a RotatingMovement component in the blueprint and is set to replicate.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Hi Steve,

Did you get it to work yet?
I’m no expert in this field however I would research either delta seconds or physics sub-stepping. That’s the only thing I have come across that usually affects moving objects when frame rate changes.

If you enable sub-stepping you may have to rework all of your physics values although I think your problem is delta time.

Hopefully this helps a little.

I brought this issue up back in the Beta, it is indeed an issue mainly on Clients, not the Server.

Epic please let us know about this!

Multiplayer Platforming would be awesome to have truly stable!


Oddly enough we did stumble upon a solution of sorts… yet I have no idea as to how or why this fixes the problem.

t.maxFPS 120 (in console or ini)

Even if this has no change on the framerate, it somehow stops the jitter. Anyones guess why that would be…

So strange - t.maxFPS 120 fixed it for me too