Why is my MAT doing this?

I am importing characters from MIXAMO and some of the materials aren’t working correctly.
Before you tell me the obvious of changing my Material from Translucent to Opaque…I can tell you right now that didnt work. It did make the face visible, but it did not fix the problem at all. (View pictures for details)

So my question is why the heck is my Material doing this? I did not create the assets and I do not have access to the Texture Samples that came with the character download…So How am I supposed to fix the material??

This is so annoying, and Mixamo has been out for so long you think they’d have these settings corrected by now…
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!!


set the material to masked, not translucent.
use the alpha output of the material and plug it into the opacity mask input.
Any other problems are rather unsolvable with the images you provided since well… not enough information.

Also, in this case Mixamo’s setup seems to be correct, and its your lack of understanding how the model and its materials are set up that is the problem.

There are like 5 images of my situation, how is that not enough information?

I will try what you suggested and see what happens though…

OK I think I did what you said…What did I do wrong because it didn’t work??

Hello Labb,

Take a look at the Tyfix2 image, the “texture sample” also has a white output at the bottom (between the red, green, and blue one) that is the alpha channel, it contains information related to translucency and/or masks.
That is the one you want to use for the opacity mask.

Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Luos! It you found the missing link xD lol thank you!

I appreciate you taking the time to answer my post. :smiley:
Till next time! :slight_smile: Have a great one!!