Why is my landscape painting rigid and "square"?

I’ve found few answers to this, which all more or less say “increase the landscape resolution”. But this has never worked for me. Why is it that when I paint a layer onto my landscape, it looks like this? This is weight blending, by the way, if that’s at all relevant. Attached is an example of what I’m talking about.

I want a smoother, more rounded edge on the path and dirt patch. How can I get that? Or is there something else I’m missing, here?


Turn on the wireframe visualizer ^

Go into your landscape details panel, search LOD. Change those numbers to make more vertices, thus increasing the landscape resolution.

Landscape texture painting is done per vertex. Therefore, the only way to get better resolution is increase the amount of vertices (this is what people mean when they say increase the resolution.)

Hey BIGTIMEMASTER, thanks for your help.
However, when I follow the steps as you laid out, I can tell that the vertices are changing, but they aren’t necessarily increasing. What people have meant when they say “increase the resolution” is using the settings when first setting up a landscape to do so (such as ‘section size’, and quite literally, the ‘overall resolution’ setting). My issue is that even on the highest setting (8161x8161 vertices) in there I see a very miniscule difference to even the lower settings.

As far as I can tell, without tesselation the most resolution you can get from the landscape is 1m faces. I think that if you are wanting what appears to be less than 1m resolution, you’ll want to use a height blend layer type in the landscape material.

This will break the blending up from being linear and make it look more natural, based on your textures height texture.

It’s a bit to setup but there is many tutorials on the subject:

Landscape Textures - Building Worlds In Unreal - Episode 3 - YouTube

Intro to Unreal Landscapes - Alpha, Weight and Height Blend Modes - YouTube

I always caution though - don’t evaluate a single aspect of the total art in isolation. Assuming you will have grass, trees, and other props breaking up the landscape, you may be solving a problem that won’t actually exist.

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Height blended layers was definitely the way to go.

How did you do it @Maladrum? I have the same problem and High blended materials don’t change anything. Here is the example with weighted-blend but it looks the samy no matter I change: