Landscape paint brush pain rectangles only [Unreal 5.2]

When I pain my landscape the paint brush only paints rectangles. I’ve never experienced this before. In my older project or youtube tutorials I can see everything works well. I do the same steps as in youtube but still getting this weird effect.

It’s very square’ish:

My setup is as follows:

Standard Landscape Material

I have two layers. Only pait sand on the Sand layer and SandRoad on SandRoads layer:

I gave 0.2 on alpha for the Sand layer as the sand road was very faint when Sand layer was set to 1.

I did it on two layers so you can see how the painting looks when I switch off the first layer:

What I would like to paint is two lines next to each other with some gap between them so they resemble the sandy car road. Something like this:

The closest I can do is, but the distance between them is to large:

I would like it to be more like (modified in paint):

For some reason when I paint them they just join together and form these big squares. Do I do something wrong?

Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m currently experiencing the same thing myself and I can’t figure out the cause.

@Xianese I ended up using ready made landscape auto material from Unreal Sensei and it looks much better for me. Link below:

Have you solved this issue? I’m currently facing the same problem

@meinvalley Yes, I used AutoLandscape from the post above and it was working like a charm.