Why is my Landscape Material so edgy?

There is something strange going on with Grass-Snow Alpha. Whatever you are trying to do there, it can be simplified.

I would assume that your large pixely look comes from the fact that you are blending between rock and grass using vertex normal only. You should probably overlay with some sort of the mask, because now the resolution of your blend is bound by resolution of your terrain.


I’m developing a procedural landscape material that blends in grass, rock and snow. But I’ve run into a problem that my blend between rock and snow or rock and grass turns up looking edgy or like a massive pixelation.

Do note that for blending, I’m not using any texture but rather simple algorithms output in Alpha of the Lerp nodes. I’ve also tried using landscape coordinates, but no use. Basically the 3 textures come perfect, just the blend is messed up. Also, I’ve used material functions to clean up the main material and make each texture output modular, where each function simply just combine 2 textures of the same kind and gives variations for grass, rock and snow, each.

Any suggestions or help will be great!


Oh, due to vertex normal?! Mask as in a texture mask? Could you give an example? Thanks!

Multiply one of the channels of your rock texture by your vertex normal dot up vector mask, then add the result to the vertex normal dot up vector mask, clamping the output. Then use the result to lerp between rock and grass.

Something like this? Didn’t work. No difference at all :\