Why is my canvas tile dark?

Hi, I added a HUD with some CanvastTextElements and CanvasTileElements.
The color of the text ist 1.0 0.0 0.0, so a full red, the color of the texture of the tiles too.

But my tiles are darker on the HUD as the text, from where comes this? Blend mode is translucent.

Show your Texture settings pls.

Ok I was able to reproduce your problem. And also found a reason of this.
Textures and Text use different color spaces.
When I created my test red texture in photoshop filled with color (255,0,0,255) I noticed Photoshop Color Palette window warning logo that this color is out of space. When I hit that warning it gave me the color (210,74,69,255). Guess what happened when I set that color as text color and (255,0,0,255) to texture? Text color and Texture color rendered the same.

So when you make your textures make sure you use sRGB profile and your colors fit to color space, otherwise your texture will render slightly different than what you see in preview.

Sorry but that doesn’t work. In the Texture Viewer my texture is fully saturated, but not on the screen when drawing it.

Using the blueprint draw texture it has the correct brightness.
Using FCanvasTileItem, too.
Using Canvas->DrawTile renders it too dark. Please look over it

Ok, the solution is the following:
If you use Canvas->DrawTile, then the Canvas->DrawColor is used as Color for the FCanvasTileItem.
This is 127,127,127,255 as default, so everything gets darker.
To workaround either set Canvas->DarkColor or use FCanvasTileItem yourself.