Why is my C++ Classes disappeared?

Im developing something in c++ and all of sudden my c++ classes disappeared, i can still code and edit stuff but i have to open it manually, and one problem too is i cant drag and drop c++ class that i made because you know it disappeared haha, pls help


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Hi there,

It might be that “Show C++ Classes” was unchecked somehow in the content browser, which would cause any C++ classes (and their folders) to be hidden. If you click the “View Options” in the bottom right hand corner of the content browser, and then look check “Show C++ Classes”, they should show up (if it was unchecked that is).

If that’s not the issue, then it might be the editor acting weird and not recognizing the files. In that case, close the editor and try building/running it from C++ as that may refresh the appropriate files that make the classes appear in editor.

Hope that helps!

maybe ive unchecked or something… anyways thanks! im just new to ue4 so didnt know hahaha