Why is my Blender FBX import missing its materials?

Hey Epic

i have been making a teddy bear in blander and it has hair particles and materials but when i export it with the fbx add-on when in Import the teddy it is only the mesh and 5 blank materials

What am i doing wrong ?

my setting for blender are below.

My setting for UR4

is there something wrong with my setting. i would love to use my hair particles on my teddy and my materials

or so is the a hair particle system in ur4 if so can i please get a wiki link on how to use this system…

thx magic

most likely your textures are jpg which UE4 can’t import. convert them to png or tga, also make sure that they are to the power of 2 eg 1024x1024 - 2048x2048 - 128x512

btw i doubt that and particle effects will be imported so if your using that to simulate the teddy’s hair then you’ll have to find a different option.

afaik there is no game engine that simulates hair via particle effects

thank you for that.