Why is my BB key not updated(AI)

So here is a task for the PawnAI to run away from the player/giant character. My question is why doesn’t the Greatest Distance Point update properly after the first run. As in, when the simulation begins, following this task, it gets the targetpoint furthest away from the player and moves to it. However, once it reaches that point, it gets stuck at the same point; the BB key is not updated despite the Behavior Tree running through the subtree containing this task over and over again, calculating the same target point EVEN when I, as the player am standing next to it, therefore not making it the greatest distance compared to the rest of the target points I set.

This may seem messy, but I think I made my explanation understandable. What am I doing wrong that makes the BB key update to the SAME target point even when it fails to satisfy the condition of being the target point with the greatest distance between the player and the itself? Thanks.

Your problem is you’re using Controller’s location, which never changes - it’s basically always at spawn location. Use controlled pawn’s location (call Get Controlled Pawn to get your pawn).