Why is intellisense not working in VS2019 when creating a project in UE 4.25.1

I have the Unreal Engine Installer on my 2019 VS community edition install. So I should have the libraries for UE 4.25.1. The programming in the solution file will not change colors letting me know it is working, nor will Intellisense work, as shown in my attached image. Is this a common bug? Is there a workaround for this? I have tried refreshing the VS solution in UE 4.25.1, I have tried generating project files from the save location and then refreshing. None of these solutions are working and I am very lost. Thanks for any help.

You need to click the little arrow on the Engine installed card, select Options, and make sure you check the “engine source” and “debugging symbols” options.
Then wait while it downloads the things. Re-open your UE project, refresh your visual studio project, and open it, and it should work. (Works for me)

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