Why Is Grass Way More Patchy On Side Of Steep Hills?

Hey all, I’m making a grass material and for some reason, it ends up looking much more patchy and sparse on the sides of steep hills. It doesn’t matter if the player is close or far, it won’t spawn as densely. Does anyone know the reason for this or how to make it less apparent? Here’s a pic showing what the hills look like compared to how nice it looks on flat ground.
Any help is much appreciated!

^Bottom pic is top view of flat ground. Much more dense with grass.

Is this with the foliage tool or a landscape grass type?

Landscape grass type (:

Ah, no idea I’m afraid… :-/

Possibly the allowed incline value for the mesh placement (on both foliage and procedural).

It could also just be a landscape issue though.

What kind of landscape issue would cause this? Thanks

Depends on engine version.

Generally it can be bugged out, and if that is the case the grass will be visible somewhere below the map.
The solution is to move the landscape map so it recalculates the collisions.
This happens a lot with steep scapes.

Another reason this could happen would be similar to texture stretching. If the hill is very steep, then the same number of grass meshes will be more spread out in triangle space, because they are spawned in a “flat” XY coordinate system, and projected down to the landscape.

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