Why is doing even the most basic vr such a mess?

For instance:

  1. Lets take a character pawn
  2. Lets create a simple scene component to act as a root for th the hmd camera and motion controllers
  3. Lets create two motion controllers one for each hand.
  4. Press play and it should work? And it kinda does except it does not.

Well everything is going to be all over the place. The capsule component throws the camera somewhere where its not supposed to be, the motion controllers are going to be even higher than that flying somewhere 2 meters above you with wrong rotation. You go around fixing the capsule component to a size of 1x1 so it doesnt interfere and you are now dealing with the next problem.

Been playing around with this for 10 hours making the mistake of first thinking the vr functionality works at some basic level. Now im debugging what went wrong and even making simple thing like this is a pain in the ass.

I mean wtf? Does it help to spawn the motion controllers in the event begin since thats whats going on in the template thats build around a pawn. (I cant use a pawn for my idea as afar as i know)

And why is that in the viewport even the template unreal character is rotated 270points to face x-axel. Then you have to rotate this and that but why??

This is why the VRExpansion plugin exists.…ripping-system