Why is different screen resolution on monitor with HTC and Oculus?

Hello, I have a problem with Oculus and HTC. Packaged project to VR has different screen resolution on monitor: when I use oculus - screen resolution is big, but with HTC - it is small. So this affects on FPS. I don’t use special settings or
console commands for Oculus and HTC. I checked special console commands for Oculus and HTC and there are no commands to set resolution. UE 4.17 make fullscreen by default, so I didn’t change it, like it was in earlier versions of UE by this tutorial UE4 + HTC Vive Fullscreen VR Tutorial - YouTube .
So this problem I have in all project in which I work.
Also I have another problem: in some packajed projects i can’t use r.setRes xx in console (it doesn’t work) , but in others it work, where i use on BeginPlay two commands ---- r.setRes xx ----fullscreen.

Can somebody explain me how is it?



My console commands

Sorry for low quality image)))