Why is a Procedural Foliage Spawner Crashing the Editor When I Drag It In?

I created a new procedural foliage spawner in the content creator, but haven’t added any foliage to it yet. When I drag it into the world, the editor crashes, and I receive the following error:

Fatal error: [File:/Users/build/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/Templates/Casts.cpp] [Line: 10] Cast of LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume /Game/My_Level/Landmass_Map.Landmass_Map:PersistentLevel.LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume_0 to ProceduralFoliageVolume failed

Any help to get this figured out would be greatly appreciated! Painting trees by hand is tedious…

Thank you!


打开项目,然后新建项目,设置按照平常的操作即可,然后edit—editor preference编辑器首选项,找到procedural foliage并勾选,将procedural foliage spawner 拖拽到关卡里进行测试。然后将旧项目里的content里的资产移动到现在新的项目里,再次测试,成功。所以测试证明,失败的主要原因可能是项目的一些设置与安装的插件的冲突。最后尝试重新添加一些你常用的项目设置和插件进行安装,逐个排查。

I encountered the same problem. This is a feasible method I found:

Open the project, then create a new project, set it according to the normal operation, then edit — editor preference , find the procedural foliage and check it, drag the procedural folder sweener into the level and test. Then move the assets in the content of the old project to the new project, test again and succeed. Therefore, the test shows that the main reason for the failure may be the conflict between some settings of the project and the installed plug-ins.Finally, try to add some common project settings and plug-ins for installation, and check them one by one

You can also build all levels and create hlods then try this works sometimes