why iam getting glitches on edge in APK?

Hi guys need a suggestion .Iam working on 3d car model.importing the model in unreal from maya the car looks fine but after building APK. I can find some glitches on edges of the car.How to avoid this.

That’s called Aliasing and there are several ways to make it look better which is called Anti-Aliasing or AA
from what i have experienced so far your phone’s screen resolution will affect your AA and you also need to use better AA methods like mobile msaa but that comes with a cost.
try these commands below on your package: (hold 4 fingers on your screen and a console will appear and also make sure its a development package not shipping or else console command will not appear.)

  • r.mobilecontentscalefactor 0
  • r.postprocessaaquality 3
  • r.mobilemsaa 4

Also check this link for useful info