Why I have a "SequencerGraphEditor" window popping up each time I switch to the widget's Designer window?

Like this,

Every single time a go to Designe from graph, this window pops up and I have to close it to work on the designer.

I’ve searched in both the Editor and Project settings but found nothing related to this.

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In a total long shot, are you running the Zen plugin?

No. It’s the same with any project, so it must be some editor setting.

It’s quite annoying.

I’m not sure, but it could have started in the silliest way, by typing while looking at the keyboard. One of those times when you think you’re typing in a textbox but it’s not in focus, so you’re hitting random keyboard shortcuts…

I’m getting exactly the same! It’s extremely annoying…

You close the tab and it reopens everytime you open a new widget, regardless of whether you already have a widget open.

If I find the answer, I’ll post back here.

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Loading the default editor window layout fixes it as pointed out by


Thanks, works perfectly