Why i dont see material in .exe file?

Hi, i can’t see material in exe file, but in UE i can see all…
What can i do?

Here is something I found in the forum from user RJWyrd, does it work?

The texture has to be saved in the content browser prior to packaging or it will not be in the level.

In the content browser, click Save
All, then package the project again.

I saved all content but nothing change…
I pressed the right mouse button in content and after salve all…but nothing!
Can i resolve with another comand?

But you are indeed using BSP or Geometry from the Unreal Editor and not using actual 3D meshes from another 3D software, right?

I am using 3d meshes from Autodesk Revit,exported in fbx to 3DS and after re-exported for take all material levels…