Why i can't open AbilitySystemInterface.h?

I’ve Added "GameplayAbilities"Before, just can not open “AbilitySystemInterface.h”,“AbilitySystemComponent.h”…so on, maybe all of the folder of the GameplayAbilities…I also can’t open …

Did you make sure that the GameplayAbilities module is included in your .build.cs?

yes , I sure,thanks for starting to assist me here,and I found the answer
To resolve the issue, I opened the project folder within my UnrealProjects directory, rick-clicked on the {(“UnrealProjects name”) .uproject}, and clicked on “Generate Visual Studio project files”.

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I have done what you have stated and made sure that I included the GameplayAbilities, GameplayTags, and GameplayTasks to my .build.cs as well and it still isn’t showing up.