Why i can`t create a new C++ Project

Why whenever i try to create a C++ project i get this error message:
Fatal error. Internal CLR error. (0x80131506)
at System.AppContext.Setup(Char**, Char**, Int32)
But blueprint project is fine

Hello NunesGabriel, and welcome to the Unreal community.

Your concern is a bit alarming but thankfully, a community member and Hero named Rama has a very thorough explanation and instructions you can read through.

I hope this gets you a good start on solving the concern.

the 0x error is usualy an alocation in ram that is empty, meaning the object is not there, and you are missing something. “your thing could not be found at that memory address” So it’s searching for something maybe that is not there loaded.

Thanks, it helped me so much!

I have the vs2022, but needed to have vs2019 update :confused:

If you have 2019 installed, it may use packages from 2022 or new updates that use bolth 2019 and 2022, I had the same problem. I had 2019 installed and told me it wants updates, I updated and it started to update new packs from 2022.

If you have bolth of them 2019 and 2022 and you are using the 2019 built system it’s going to ask for some 2019 things that are missing, you can configure what built system you use with what compiler if you installed 2022 and you also have 2019 on your system.