Why EpicGames Launcher kill my network conection?

We work in a small team with just 4 pcs. We use a unique account to share asset and model from the market.

But every time we use the Epic Games launcher, our network becomes slow and we can’t just download new version or asset on market. We search and try a lot of thing before to post this message but now, we need help.

I try this


I try this

I follow most of this

But nothnig change… It’s really strange and kill the experience with Unreal.

Can you help us to resolve this?

Thanks in advance



Sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with your Launcher. We’ve recently modified our support process for Launcher issues, so please visit http://help.epicgames.com/

On the site, you should see articles containing troubleshooting information (which it looks like you’ve already spent some time looking into), but you’ll also see an Email Us button on the side of the page. Click that button to get in touch with one of our support staff.

Have a great day