Why" End Cull Distance" is not working when I render with Movie Render Queue?

Hi. dear artists, I have a project and i added grass by “Landscape Grass Type” to my landscpae, then I decreased the value of “End Cull Distance”, its ok in viewport, but when I render it in Movie Render Queue, the number of “End Cull Distance” is not working, and my landscape is all grass, my render will be heavy and GPU cannt render it…
How the value of “End Cull Distance” will be working when render by Movie Render Queue?

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Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the exact same problem…


The same here!!!
Has anyone solved this matter?

Same issue but in 5.2.1 in 2023 - Movie render queue overrides the cull distance so far in the distance that it causes a crash. I can’t believe there’s no solution to this, anyone have any luck in the end?

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