Why doesn't Visual Diff on Blueprints work on MacOS?

I have my project setup using git on both Mac and Windows. For a long time (think it was back on 4.25) I could do trigger the File > Diff > [select a revision] to get a diff of the current blueprint I’m editing (as well as the “Diff against Depot” in the Content Browser). Then at some point after moving to 4.26 I stopped being able to do that and could only get it to show a diff if I did the “Diff against Depot” in the Content Browser. I would go to File > Diff, but then the revision list wouldn’t even try to pop up. So I just kinda dealt with it, but now I haven’t changed anything and that’s not even working now.
I’ve checked and triple checked that the source control is connected. I can make a commit, but still get this in the output log whenever I try to “Diff against Depot”:

LogSourceControl: Error: DumpToFile: ReturnCode=128

Would love some help! This all works fine on windows so I’m guessing it not something about my repo and is rather something about the MacOS setup I have, but can’t find anything about it and can’t figure it out!

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Using this plugin (the release-branch cloned today at 24 October 2022) fixed this issue for me (diffing blueprints from git in UE 4.26.2, on macOS): GitHub - ProjectBorealis/UEGitPlugin: Unreal Engine Git Source Control Plugin (refactored)
Just copy the folder into your project’s Plugins folder.