Why doesn't the 'Code Top Down' template work in a different level?

I create a new project from the “Code Top Down” template. It starts and works properly.

If I choose “Open New Level” in the editor and pick say “Minimal_Default” then play again the character is present but will not respond to mouse commands. I have added debugging code so I know he is getting the mouse commands and is calling the SimpleMoveToLocation but he does not move.

Same thing happens if I change the DefaultEngine.ini to use the Minimal_Default map instead of the Example_Map. Game seems to start fine but the character does not move.


Do you discover why ? I’m having the same problem =/

That’s why, the default template has a element called NavigationMeshBoundsVolume.
That element is responsible to define where the character can walk…

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i have the same problem. Any solution?

Thank god that solves the problem, I have been trying to find the solution for 4 hours.