Why doesn't my skeletal mesh move if it's spawned?

I have an animated bat that mows around via nav mesh on our landscape without problems. All we do is put the BP somewhere on the level and it mores as directed as well as all other functions.

now i ave a BP that randomly spawns these bats onto the level…But now they don’t move…Does anyone have any Idea why that is???

I didn’t figure there was anything else to do other than spawning them considering they work fine when they aren’t being spawned.


Are you spawning the AI’s controller with the object?

Check out the image below to see how I’m doing it in my game (note the ‘Spawn Default Controller’ node):

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I tried that and they still don’t move…

Ok so I actually do have the moving now but they get stuck from time to time…it seemed my nav mesh was the problem…sort of…

The only problem I have now is feel like sometimes the freeze. Sometimes when they run into something afterwards they just set in one spot and flap there wings…any idea what makes them stop moving?

Just checking again to see if anyone can help my…
my nav mesh is huge over an interior ;landscaped cave.
sometimes enemies fly towards me…and then stop…or its like…if they touch something…they freeze…i really cant figure out what may cause this…

anyone have any pointers??.