Why doesn't my particle system deactivate?

In my weapon blueprint, I have 6 particle system components. On Event BeginPlay I put them all into an array. I have a StartFiring event which activates all the beams and a StopFiring event which is supposed to deactivate them. They activate just fine, but when I try to deactivate them nothing happens. I actually have to set their visibility to hidden in order to make them go away. Why isn’t deactivate working when all the logic is the exact same?

Have you tried reversing the order of Set Hidden and Deactivate, in case a hidden particle system does not receive deactivate commands?

I only hid them because deactivate wasn’t working on its own.

I had the same problem with my particle beam. I am assuming your particle is like mine and you have the lifetime set to 0, which means it lasts forever. Deactivating a particle system prevents that particle system from spawning any new particles, but the beams have already been spawned. So deactivating the particle system will do nothing. Existing particles won’t be destroyed/killed unless they have a limited lifetime. To fix this, you need to check “Kill on Deactivate” in the Required module. I hope this is the solution you’re looking for and you understand the problem a little better now.

TLDR: Check “Kill on Deactivate” in the Required Module of the beam emitter.

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That was exactly it. Thanks!

Ahhh thanks for the solution. I have been recreating nodes all over the place trying to figure this out.

guys, don’t forget to switch off “Auto-activate” =)