Why doesn't client menu show?

I’ve created a game that starts with a main menu. When I run from the editor with 2 players with Net Mode set to “Run as listen server” I get two windows and my server gets the menu but the client doesn’t.

I create the menu from the level blueprint like this:

The blueprint for the menu has this:

On both server and client windows I get all four strings so I believe that the level blueprint runs, creates the Menu blueprint which gets constructed and then the level blueprint prints out that the menu was added to the viewport.

Any ideas why my menu doesn’t show up on the client? Any ideas how to debug this?


After looking into this more I’ve come to the conclusion that the level blueprint does not run on the client, only the server. When I was testing previously I was running in the editor with “Run under one process” checked and it seems when you do that, the prints go to both windows. If instead I run without “Run under one process” checked, then I only get the prints to the server’s window.

Actually, after more research I found that indeed the level blueprint should be running on the client. I found a thread that said level blueprint doesn’t get called on the client if you have failed to call the Super of an overloaded function. But I couldn’t find any case of me not calling the super in my code. I found another person who had this but had to rebuild their project. I ended up doing the same, create a new project, add my assets and my code a bit at a time, always testing to see if my client’s level blueprint would get called. Ultimately I ended up with a new project but the same code and assets, and my client’s level blueprint being called. So, who knows what was wrong. Something in the project. Mabye some setting?