Why does widget font go gray?

So I’m not doing anything to the text other than assigning a basic color to it. This is a very early build by the way. I’m just trying to figure out why the text color I select isn’t sticking. It’s not the default white either. It’s gray kind of. Please, anyone that can point me in the right direction, let me know if you’ve seen this before.

What it looks like in editor

What it looks like in game

Thanks so much to anyone willing to help.

I may know how to help you, but I would need to more about the textblock. Can you upload screenshots of the settings for the text object widget you used? If you can, also expand the boxes inside the details window

It’s actually 3 different text boxes.

Okay, I just noticed that the text does get the color assigned to it: I upped the saturation in photoshop, and this is the result:


So the question remains why it is so desaturated. Maybe the blend mode of some textures causes problem or some other effect. Since the text is only in front of the background, I would have a look at that.

I also noticed that the “your score” text is also somewhat desaturated. The “new high score” seems unaffected. Note that the RGB colour for magenta contains almost no green, it seems that mainly green is affected.

How is your background set up??

Check the “behavior” tab on the text going gray. Make sure it is enabled. See the screen shots below.

Hey, thank you so much!!! That was it :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s the little things that cause the most headache. Glad we got it figured out ha

Hey, thanks so much for trying to help. I really appreciate everything.

Is this behavior even documented anywhere? The behavior check box says “sets whether this widget can be modified interactively by the user”. I don’t need this widget to be modified by the user, so why does it make me check the box for it to appear correctly? Frustrating.

Yea not sure to be honest but even though you check that box if it’s not an “editable” text box the (end)user can’t really do anything with it. Maybe “user” in this case means blueprint designer… and this allows you to modify certain behaviors in blueprints/details panel if enabled like font color.