Why does Water Plugin suddenly crash Editor?

Hi everyone,

I am a Student and fairly new to using Unreal.
I am currently taking a class, and we use the Unreal Editor for our work.

About 2 weeks ago, I was working on my project when one of my levels started crashing every time that I try to build it. After some experimenting I found out that the cause was the use of the Water Plug-in. I had used the Custom Water Body to make a small pond, and up until two weeks ago I had NO issues with it.
Now whenever I try to add Water and build, it will give me a Collision warning, build the lighting, then bring up the loading bar at 0% and completely freeze. It ONLY happens when I add the water, and I cannot figure out why.

I’m not sure if I added or removed something by accident that I wasn’t supposed to. And unfortunately I only had the one copy of my Project, so unless I want to completely start over (not feasible as this is for a class and there’s no time to start over from scratch) I just can’t have water.

I have included screenshots of the Warning, the screen freezing, and the Task Manager. It seems like whatever Unreal is trying to do, it skyrockets my memory usage (normally at 730MB to over 2GB) to the point where the program stops responding.
It also seems to be running all these shader compilers…like I said, it wasn’t doing this just two weeks ago. I’m not entirely sure WHAT the program is trying to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am facing the same proplem but when i start a new project and try to use the water plugin the screen frezzez and stop loading and at the end crash. so i tried to download version 5.1 and still crashing when i use the water plugin pls help if you know how to solve this proplem