Why does Water Body Custom's Z coordinate change in Standalone mode?

I have a test landscape that’s 2020 x 2020 px (yes, I know it’s not a recommended size), scaled by 8x to 16 x 16 km in X and Y, and up to a maximum of 1000 m in Z. Sea level is at roughly -400 m.

After dragging a Water Body Custom into the level and increasing its size to cover the whole map (as an ocean), it looks good at first in the viewport, and in PIE mode. However, when I run in Standalone or Packaged mode, the Z coordinate of the water increases. Changing the water actor’s Z coord to a lower number doesn’t seem to have any effect. However, if I increase the landscape’s Z coordinate (along with all actors placed on the landscape), then it renders fine in Standalone mode. Unfortunately, though, the water plane is then well underneath the landscape in Viewport/PIE mode.

I repeated this process on a different landscape of roughly the same size, with a 4x4 tiled World Composition landscape (505 px/tile; 505x4 = 2020), and had the same problem (except I’m not aware of a way to change the Z coordinates of landscape tiles, which means it’s not usable).

I’m using UE 4.26.0.

Any tips on possible workarounds would be appreciated. Also, what’s the best way to submit a formal bug report?

Same problem here, did you find any solution?

also having the same problem I need a fix

same problem here

Hey there, just to verify; the custom water body i placed in my levels would raise when starting a standalone version of the game. Water level would rise about 1000 Unreal Units. I could not for the life of me figure this out. I updated the project to 4.27 and that issue went away.

This issue still exists. The water body ocean’s height cannot be adjusted as we need. It always lies in the Z=0 even if we wanted to place it a bit lower. As for the custom water body, although visually we can place it where we want, if we place a boat or some water object, that object floats on the Z=0 plane when trying to play the level in the editor as if the water layer is placed on that plane

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