Why does unlit material look different in lit/unlit scene?

TLDR: I made an unlit material and it’s too bright in a lit scene. I’m not sure what part of the rendering process I’m misunderstanding.

I’m making a space game where the player is always looking along the -X axis. I figured I’d just slap a texture on a background plane and use an unlit material to make it ignore lights. Unfortunately, it still seems brighter/washed-out in a lit scene, and I’m not sure what’s going on. Any thoughts on what I’m misunderstanding?

unlit mode will just render the color value of everything. If it’s too bright you can multiply your material output with some scalar value between 0 and 1. I would also check your exposure settings inside post process or camera as it brightens dark scenes.

I’ll give that a shot! Thanks, MarCraft!

In texture browser ,image look the same like in photoshop. But texture look brighter in unlit mode viewport .I dont know why. Do you find the precise answer now ?

So, what settings should I change to make unlit material look that same in both unlit and lit mode?


The lit material will change depending on whatever lighting you have in your scene, so likely no setting will look the same from lit to unlit.

If you need to switch back and forth between lit and unlit and have it look the same – what I would do is multiply the base color texture in your material by a scalar parameter, then have the parameter change in blueprints depending on whether you’re in lit or unlit mode. mess with the parameter values until you get a similar looking result in both lit and unlit