Why does two different Players Show Different Things?

For some strange reason, both players show COMPLETELY different things on the windows. For example, Player one is currently crouching. Well, player 2 sees him as flying about the level. Here’s another example. I hit a rock and it went flying on player 2’s screen, but on player 1’s scree, no rocks have budged at all, and that rock DOESN’T EVENT EXIST!! I am so confused. Im using local multiplayer when I press play and set it to have 2 players. Any Ideas on why this is happening?

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention that the animations are completely different too. I have an AimOffset and it works perfectly fine in view one, but in view two, It doesn’t even show/

It seem to be a replication issue.
If you are not familiar with replication, basicly what ever happens on player’s 1 computer has to be replicated to player’s 2 computer and vis-versa, this process is not automatic and you need to manually specify which variables, events, and actors should replicate their information.
Epic Games have a tutorials on how replication and multiplayer games work.

In case you are already familiar with those topic, my apologies.

Thanks. I’ve never really used multiplayer before so this is new to me. Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

For some reason, didn’t really work. Still same issue. Changed everything to replicated and didn’t do anything. Do you know why?