Why does the plugin I created keep defaulting back to disabled?


so I wrote my own plugin in C++ following the plugin tutorials from the unreal wiki.
The plugin compiles and appears in my plugins list in the editor.

The problem is when I try to enable my plugin, it will switch back to disabled after I restart my editor.

The same happens with any built in plugin I try to enable/disable.

Is there something I am missing ? Some save option or some file I need to modify/checkout ?

Even if I toggle a plugin on/off and just switch to see another plugin from the list, the one I modified immediately toggles to its previous value.

So it is not really an issue with my plugin I think, but more a global issue I have with plugins not saving their enable/disabled status.

any idea ?


okay so It seems that I have fixed it, but I am not 100% sure how.

here is 2 things I did , one of them or both did the trick.

  1. I made sure all intermediate and binary folders as well as the saved folder are not read only
  2. I didn’t press the “Restart Editor” button, but instead I went to manually hit File->Exit

now my plugin window shows up and seems to work fine.

If someone knows more please add a comment here, I will mark this as resolved now.