Why does the mobile materials need more samplers than the pc material

Hello there,

I have made an material for mobile and it works, but out of some reason, when I use the mali offline compiler. It shows me, that i have 12 samplers on Android ES 3.1 and seven samplers with shader model 5. Why does the mobile material need more samplers than the pc?

Thank you in Advance

SM5 has more functions under the hood to combine texture samples.
ES3 has less advanced techniques due to its limitations (and age?)

thats about the gist of it really.

Then is it normal, that when I create a material, that the compiler automatically shows that I used two texture samplers, even if did not use any samplers when i just created it ?

Yes, because a “sampler” is not always an actual texture under the hood.

Look at the material option “Fully Rough” which can reduce one sampler as an example.