Why does the launcher need ~60% of my GPU to display 2d images?

Is it just that awesome or so poorly optimized? Joking aside, no launcher or gaming platform I’ve ever used (Steam, Origin, GOG, needs that much processing power, either from the cpu or gpu. What gives?

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Intel Core2Duo 3.0GHz
Windows 7

I witnessed the launcher consuming 99% of my CPU the other day, required me to re-boot my machine…

nothing on the roadmap they are just ignoring everyone.they don’t care.

They don’t say it, but is clear EpicGames want launcher to be their own ‘Steam Client’;
I bet it will only get bigger and bigger and eventually they’ll force everyone to keep it running if you want to use their engine or play their games.

they want to become like steam XD so funny.they will never become like steam.(not even like itch or gamejolt XD)
And you didn’t explain why they don’t want to optimize the launcher.

Because I have no idea why.

It’s very simple, is what happen when make a game launcher with a game engine.

yes that is what i think to.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. Please watch for a Launcher update around January which will focus on CPU/Memory improvements. Hopefully you’ll see less impact afterwards.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the info. Is it also possible to avoid having the Launcher spawning so often, or even not at all?

Since it is so resource heavy in its current state, I avoid it completely and close it whenever it pops. By doing so I couldn’t help but notice that just starting UE4 to open a project will spawn the Launcher three times.

P.S.: if this can be of any help, I also noticed that when the Launcher doesn’t have my account info to log in automatically, it is a lot faster to start and to reach a state of user interaction.

hey can someone help me i have a glitch with the louncher and the editor ui
something like this happen to my louncher and ediotr ui

//this is a guess
Possible causes:
GPU overheating, driver problem, or hardware problem (as in “GPU is dying”).

this does not happen with other programs or games
and is only one frame when i move the mouse this does not happen in the paragon page.

Rename the .exe to avoid that; I simply add one more “r” to Launcher.exe and update shortcut in case I want to open the launcher myself.

Check out this

can any one of the unreal engine team help always they dont care.

You can try reporting that on answerhub as possible bug and see if anyone answers it.

I don’t think it is reasonable to expect quick reply from stuff to a forum post, unless you’re on paid support or something like that.

As I mentioned earlier, the best bet is driver or hardware problem. Mostly because it is quite hard to unintentially get white noise effect during rendering.

so my pc cant render a simple ui(actually not simple if it is made by unreal is the most complex and unoptimized ui ever probably they use deferred to render the ui of the louncher).

Hey Erindi,

We are aware of the current issues affecting OS X. If this is the issue I am thinking, run the command line tool ( and enter the editor directory. Then at the end of the directory type --args -opengl and press enter.

It should look something like this, although yours might look a little different due to custom location of where you installed the engine.

Engine/Binaries/Mac/ --args -opengl

Would you mind creating a new AnswerHub post for this issue, and respond to me with a link to the post?

Thank you