Why does the Editor keep recompiling the game?

I was wondering why the editor keeps recompiling the full game (a 10 minute process for me), even if nothing has changed in the code.

When I hit “Launch”, it will recompile the game. When I package the thing, it will recompile the game. It’s rather annoying and unnecessary. When I build the solution through Visual Studio, it will correctly NOT recompile and say everything is up-2-date. Why is the Editor overwriting the Intermediate files and therefor forcing a full recompile, whereas it could just work with whatever is already there?

I’m guessing you have “Full Rebuild” enabled in your Project Settings? (Window → Project Settings → Packaging → Project → Advanced).

That totally did it, thanks! Is there a way to speed up launching as well? It won’t recompile anymore now, but it will still go through the whole deployment stage and such, or is that intended? Launch is slower than Play (with External Game selected).