Why does the editor crash when i Play in VR preview on raytracing enables project

So whenever i enter play mode in VR preview on a raytracing enabled project the editore crashes and displays (Video driver crashed and was reset make sure to install the latest driver)
Tried to disable raytracing on a clone of the project and the VR preview mode worked perfectly
am I missing something? Please help!

I’m using:
UE 4.23.1
(Tried it on 4.24 Preview 4)
RTX 2080 Super
Dual Intel Xeon X5670 @2.93GHz
48 Ram
Windows 10 64-bit

Currently there no support for for Ray-tracing in stereo rendering, so no wonder it does not work properly. Even if you manage to run it you will only see it in single eye while other will black shapes in palce of objects that use ray-tracing.

But it would be helpful for epic if you raport your case as a bug as UE4 should not crash from this regardless.