Why does target works fine with static mesh and fails with Skeleton Mesh

Hello, i m new on this engine.
I watched bunch of tutorials and now im starting my own game.
Now i got stuck on my targeting system. I actually did it for meshes but, when i try to make it for AI (Skeleton Meshes) it doesn’t work.
This is the blueprint i used to check witch target is the best if there were more than 1 at my screen.
I made it for Meshes (to get items from the world etc.) and now im making a Target system so i can interact with AI.
The meshes one works fine, so i tried to make a similar one to skeleton Meshes. But im getting problems with the angles of the vectores.

Here is the blueprint of the getbestinteractable function of static meshes.

works fine, if i look at 2 items it will highlight the best1 correctly.

But here, at skeleton Meshes it isn’t working, it only highlight if i look it from a certain angle (ingame).

so my question is why?
Does skeleton meshes angle/vector works different than static meshes?
if yes how can i solve this?