Why does sideloaded APK not load on Oculus Quest?

Has anybody built straight to the Quest from UE4 with no problems, but get a black screen with a perpetual loading icon(3 white dots) when trying to run the app from an APK(installed using command prompt and SideQuest)? I’m using 4.23 with the a stock VR Template to eliminate any unnecessary room for errors I might get from using my other project(that had the same problem).


No problems here side loading on a Quest using 4.23. Most probably an incorrect project setting (the stock VR template does not have all the required settings checked).

Make sure you follow the quick start guide here:

in particular steps 12 & 13

Edit: One setting missing from that doc is “package game data inside .apk?” under the android settings

Thank you so much!! The problem was not having the box ticked for “package game data inside .apk?” which in retrospect makes sense why it wouldn’t work with that off. It’s unfortunate documentation like the one you linked, as well as other places I’ve previously looked, didn’t have that step documented.

Glad you found your problem! Don’t forget to accept the answer :wink:

I seem to be running into an issue where after playing through the app, then exiting and trying to enter back into the app; it goes back to the loading screen indefinitely. I tried restarting the Oculus to see if that’d fix it, but it didn’t work.