Why does rendering become overexposed depending on camera angle?

Why is it that sometimes a scene becomes completely overexposed? And it happens only over time as the video shows. It depends on the angle the camera looks. When it is close to the angle that the skylight has, than this effect happens.

What can I do to prevent this?


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The feature is called ‘eye adaptation’. It is supposed to mimic how the human eye adapts to low light situations. This can be useful if the player/camera is transitioning often between bright outdoor and dim indoor scenes.

When you look at the ground it basically treats it as if you transitioned to a dim environment as the sun/sky is no longer in frame.

Heres the docs on it:

And if you want to disable it:

Thanks alot, that’s very helpful. I thought something was wrong with my light settings and was playing around with them, but never thought it would be something with the camera