Why does Procedural Foliage Spawner spawn only one type of foliage?

I have 11 array elements with different foliage assets but the procedural foliage spawner spawns only the last foliage asset in the array. Have anyone ever had this?

Dont put a very low “initial seed density” for foliages types.

This does not solve the problem

Does anyone know the cause of this?

Just wondering if anyone who has encountered this, worked out what what wrong? My files in a colleagues computer, or ones created from scratch is only spawning on foliage type, which has been correctly set up, and referenced in the spawner being used by the volume are only spawning one layer. We can change that layer to anything and it works, but we can’t have more than one working element in the spawner.

Having the same issue

Problem still persists as of 4.25

Big news! Issue resolved! Change the Distribution Seed value for different foliage types. If you duplicate your foliage type it will have the same seed thus it will be spawning all foliages in the same place!

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