Why does other client's level reset on "open level"

Whenever I make a new session and open a new level as a listener. Why does it seem like any other players connected level get refreshed and anything that was replicated is not reset(I’d assume a full reset). The “use seamless travel” is enabled in game mode.

This in multiplayer sessions.

A few questions.

  1. Is the client connected to the newly created “Listen Server”? or are you referring to a Listen Server that is already hosting a session?
  2. Are you “Launching” the game or are you just Play Testing it in the Editor?

Hey, I am having a similar issue with the first post.

In my setup I am calling Open Level via a GameState BP and using a switch on authority with a Multicast Event. On the Autority I am calling Open Level with ?listen and on the client I am just opening the level as is. Also I am playing in editor

Hey, do you mean that the level resets when a new player connects? The OP didn’t make his question clear to me. The only changes on the network should be that the new player receives all the information about the current state of the game and the rest of the players receive the information related to the new player.

So, if something resets, it must be something going wrong in your logic when you spawn a new player.

You can’t test multiplayer in editor like this. You’ll need to use ‘New Editor Window’ at the minimum to test multiplayer. This allows unreal to handle connecting two clients on a single machine.

Also this is not how you connect remote clients using seamless travel. The first client (Host) should call ServerTravel with the ?listen option after creating a session. The second client will connect through the ClientTravel method once it has the session data from the server.

Creating, destroying, and finding sessions is a whole problem in and of itself.

What BlackmarsGames said!

PIE with “New Editor Window” is the minimum to test multiplayer.

To restate… …collect the host and the clients in the game lobby and when ready the host calls servertravel and everyone travels…

Anyone get non-seamless travel to work with Steam??? When the clients disconnect they never reconnect… :frowning: