Why does my texture look so messed up on the walls?

You have a problem with mesh UVs.

In Maya you’ve used a planar UV facing top of your mesh. So every polygon that facing upwards get good uv and everything else has 1px UV which you can see on this picture.

Basically you have to learn how to make correct UVs, as a shortcut solution I can recommend to use top planar mapping on top polygons, sideways for sideways and so on.

Try this video for newbies, I think it may help Introduction to Planar Mapping (Projection) with Autodesk Maya - YouTube

Of course, there are multiple ways to do so!

  1. Generate simple collisions in StaticMesh Editor window
  2. Use Complex collision(Real mesh data) instead of simple collision
  3. Use custom created collision in Maya

Here is video that covers 1 and 2 methods

And this is for 3rd

I think for simple model like this you could use 2nd method without any issues

Also, it would not hurt if your accept my answer :3

Hello I can not wrap my head around why my texture from the top down looks fine but along the walls it looks all blurred and stretchy can someone please help me out. I am using Maya and exporting as FBX to UE4 I followed along the tutorial so I am pretty sure I have all the right things checked.

OMG after like 6 hrs of messing around your 14 minute video helped me out greatly I appreciate it. Also another thing is there a better way to generate a collision mesh for my level then actually going in the editor and putting box colliders. I mean in unity i could just add a mesh collider and it would be done. Anything like that in this engine??

zeOrb you are the man thank you I appreciate all your help and great vid links to :stuck_out_tongue: