Why does my Terrain render like this?

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. The only other time I have had this problem is when I try to use any assets from the SubstanceAtlantis free content pack, which may be the underlying issue with this problem.

The problem being that my landscape texture is rendering as a flat black instead of using the textures that are applied.
Below are two screenshots, one of the landscape, showing the problem, the other of the material blueprint I am using.
What am I doing wrong to receive this error? Feel free to ask for more information, I will reply as soon as i can. Thank you again!

For anyone else that runs into this problem, I got it figured out…

#1 make sure your Preview weight is 1.0
#2 Once you create your layers go to world Outliner and click landscape put the material in the landscape section of your details page.
#3 Go to Modes on the left hand side of your screen click Landscape then Paint you should see your target layers pop.