Why does my physics constraint disappear in Shipping, but not PIE?

Here’s how I want it to function, which is how it functions in play-in-editor mode:

Here’s how it functions when I package game for Windows 32-bit, Shipping configuration:

Hey, did you manage to find what issue was? I’m seeing a similar issue in my packaged builds although in my case it’s my character’s movement mode and physics settings that do not work in shipping as compared to PIE.

Nope. I’ll repost this on .

Hi vgambit,

Have recent versions of editor fixed issue of physics constraint disappearing upon launch? If you are still experiencing this problem, let us know and we will either provide a solution or document this as a bug that still needs to be resolved.

Thanks for your help.

If I’m being honest, I kinda feel some type of way about you guys marking this question as solved a year later when part of why I dropped this project was because this issue wasn’t addressed at all back then. It would take way too much work to even upgrade it to build in latest UE4 at this point to find out.

Hi vgambit,

We are attempting to get through a huge backlog of Packaging and Development posts, as many potential bugs were posted here rather than Bug Reports section where they belonged, and we missed them as a result. If you have any information to provide, please do so. Otherwise, we’re going to have to resolve post to track it properly.

Hi vgambit,

You just need to set them unbreakable after initializing.

FConstraintInstance ConstraintInstance;
ConstraintInstance.bLinearBreakable = false;
ConstraintInstance.bAngularBreakable = false;