Why does my object not move when using default Physical Material?

Hey everyone,

I am trying to simulate simple collisions using UE4 for a student project.

Here, i just want my two balls to fall and to collide, which is quite easy if I use the default collision tools but as you can see below, my collision hitbox is not exactly what I want (limited to 32 verts when my object has 42?).

Assuming that my simulation is supposed to have medical purposes on organs later, I need my collisions to be exact even on complex objects.

When using “Complex Collision As Simple” in the Collision complexity, it seems to be pretty perfect. But to use that, I need to create a custom Physical Material, which I did. But when I try to run the simulation, my object won’t move at all.

Isn’t it possible to use “Complex Collision as Simple” in order to simuate physics?

According to the documentation, it seems to be impossible.

What can I do then? I tried using the original mesh as collision too but it was somehow incorrect…

Need some help, thank you guys ! :slight_smile:

Maybe you can make an actor with the ball, add a sphere collision and simulate physics on both, idk if there are good options on a spher collision, but maybe there is