Why does my normal map have a seem in unreal?

Why does my normal map have a seem in unreal? Is there a proper way to import /export to get it working fine?

Make sure your normal map is using normal map compression

Also check if you have set the mode from the material node to “Normal” and when you still get the seam, flip the green channel of your normal map (in the texture editor) :slight_smile:

Did all that… im actually using this material on another model with no issues… so im just tryn to figure out what im doing wrong here. Its using character normal and the compression is set to normal map method. The green channel is correct too.

Is there a UV mapping seam there? Does the UV mapping mirror across that seam? What else is happening in the mesh in that area?

Its the end of the seemuv so yes its a seem, but the normal map should take care of that as it does inside of maya. Its not mirroring. Nothing special going on as far as i could tell.

I have had this happen with UV maps from Blender as well. I had to clamp the UV texture to get rid of the seam.

Clamp the uv texture? What exactly does that mean? Do you mean clamp the textures tiling method? Because this texture isnt a tyling texture so that wouldnt effect anything… I tried it anyway and i am correct… it does not effect anything.

Anyone else have any info ? Because i am stumped… what would u do in this regaurd… any developers who actually work on the engine?

Can you post your a picture of your shader setup and also the FBX import settings you used.

We still need to know the answer to this.

Also, a scree shot of showing normals, tangents, and bitangents, as well as a screen shot of the UV map, would likely be helpful.

No it does not mirror.

Here is a screenshot of hte normals view.

Here is a screenshot of the uvs… and the fbx import settings ive tried every “normals import setting” available.

As for the shader set up its a slightly modified version of the infiltrator skin that i used on another character and have no seems on that other character.

I think the problem may be the ao map… there is a slight variation along that seem, but barely noticeable if its used a color map. So i will have to see what it looks like when i paint that out. May not be the normals at all. Not sure why its such a huge lighting difference when applied as an ao map.

The problem was with the material. It came from the infiltrator demo and there was a setting called ao_sss_bias that needed to be unchecked from the mat instance. Nothing wrong with the ao texture itself. Anyone know what that particular setting actually does?