Why does my model look so metallic in UE4?

I have been trying to get my models in UE4 to look the same as in third party applications. I use substance for texturing and export using the default Unreal Engine packed files. I have followed every answer on the forum including disabling sRGB on the metallic map but nothing has helped.

As you can see in the picture below UE4 is making the model look very metallic with a metal looking texture all over, but in substance most of the object is slightly glossy plastic. This is the same with every object I upload. How do i fix this?

Did you also disable sRGB on the roughness map?

If disabling sRGB did not work for you, did you make sure you have the right channels plugged into the correct material slots? Substance packs occlusion(red channel), roughness(green) and metal(blue) all into the one OcclusionRoughnessMetallic map. Maybe post your material graph so we can better see what’s happening.

Guess i’m an idiot, Thanks Iamwin, I was connecting the RGB straight into the metallic map. I didn’t realize that substance puts them all into 1 texture. Thank you so much.