Why does my mesh have weird shadows?

Hey folks!

I got a wierd problem with my shadows.

You probably see the problem in this picture:

I hope you guys can help me! I used Unity3D previously and got the same problem there. So… i must be the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind and how many lights are you using? Are they static or dynamic? Which properties have you changed? Is the mesh static or movable?

Hey Jacky (sorry, i don’t know how to answer your question directly),

this is a point light. I have another one in this scene, but it’s far away, so it shouldn’t effect it. This light is movable and the doorframe is static. i changed the Attenuation Radius to 650 and the light color.

Hi Gamixie,

It appears as though you have several lights that are casting shadows which would explain why your mesh has several different shades of shadows at the top. It looks like you need to adjust the settings in the lights that you don’t want to cast shadows to make sure that only a specific light is casting shadows instead.

Other than that I’m not sure if you need some other information. If you do, just reply to this post.